The Ask box hates me and I’m trying to get ahold of Tumblr users:

I dabble in academia and am writing a chapter for an Intellect Press publication on Doctor Who. My work focuses on SuperWhoLock gif fic and how it’s awesome. Well, my official thesis looks at changing fandom practice and the evolution of creative fanworks but basically, how gif fics are awesome. I’ve selected some SuperWhoLock graphics to include but I can’t get ahold of the creators. Because it is an academic book there is no compensation but artists will receive full credit (you can use whatever name you’re comfortable with). My finished chapter is due soon so if you can get back to me yay or nay that’d be great! Feel free to message or answer in an ask.

If my friends could signal boost or vouch for me I’d appreciate it!

A reblog for your friendly neighborhood moderator antilamentation. When not working for the OTW I study narrative practices in fandom. I’d love to include artistic examples in my chapter on SuperWhoLock but would like the artist’s permission. And as well documented, Tumblr’s Ask box hates me.

SuperWhoLock – Want to be in my chapter?
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