We set all links to old Symposium posts to redirect to the corresponding URL on fanhackers.transformativeworks.org, the new home of the old WordPress site. This was working fine when we launched three weeks ago, but the redirects don’t seem to be working now. Apologies for the inconvenience! I’ve alerted the people who can hopefully fix this soon. Thanks a lot for letting us know.

ETA: The redirects seem to be working again now, please poke again if something else seems out of order.

I get that this is the new home for the old symposium entries. But can I ask why it was necessary to take the old site down. anyone who had links to the old site (eg. symposiumdottransformativeworksdotorg/2010/07/whats-with-the-fucking-chicken-anonymous-culture-in-fandom/) now finds that the links redirect to the front page of this tumblr instead of the specific entry they were talking about. which has made all old posts that talk about, or refer to, symposium content very difficult to read