The open access fan studies journal Transformative Works and Cultures has released another issue! The issue’s eight articles, three Symposium pieces, three interviews, and three book reviews all relate to the roles that objects play in various fan cultures. All articles:


Materiality and object-oriented fandom – Bob Rehak


From Dalek half balls to Daft Punk helmets: Mimetic fandom and the crafting of replicas – Matt Hills

Exhibiting fandom: A museological perspective – Dorus Hoebink,  Stijn Reijnders, Abby Waysdorf

It’s not all about the music: Online fan communities and collecting Hard Rock Café pins – Lincoln Geraghty

Peril-sensitive sunglasses, superheroes in miniature, and pink polka-dot boxers: Artifact and collectible video game feelies, play, and the paratextual gaming experience – Ian M. Peters


A pragmatics of things: Materiality and constraint in fan practices – Benjamin Woo

The invisible teenager: Comic book materiality and the amateur films of Don Glut – Matt Yockey

The heterogeneity of maid cafés: Exploring object-oriented fandom in Japan – Luke Sharp

Cosplaying the media mix: Examining Japan’s media environment, its static forms, and its influence on cosplay – Matthew Ogonoski


The butcher, the baker, the lightsaber maker – Forrest Phillips

Written on the body: Experiencing affect and identity in my fannish tattoos – Bethan Jones

Fitting Glee in your mailbox – . wordplay


Interview with Mark Racop – Matt Yockey

Beyond souvenirs: Making fannish items by hand – Dana Sterling Bode

Interview with Kandy Fong – Francesca Coppa


Cult collectors: Nostalgia, fandom and collecting popular culture, by Lincoln Geraghty – Michael S. Duffy

Anime’s media mix: Franchising toys and characters in Japan, by Marc Steinberg – Brandeise Monk-Payton

Send in the clones: A cultural study of the tribute band,  by Georgina Gregory – Sun-ha Hong

New issue of Transformative Works and Cultures
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