Volume 18 of the open-access fan studies journal TWC is out, full of great analysis about fan culture. Check out the articles below!


Performance and performativity in fandom – Lucy Bennett, Paul J. Booth


Self-representation in literary fandom: Women’s leisure reader selfies as postfeminist performance – Dawn S. Opel

Fannish tattooing and sacred identity – Bethan Jones

Bound princes and monogamy warnings: Harry Potter, slash, and queer performance in LiveJournal communities – Darlene Rose Hampton

Toward new horizons: Cosplay (re)imagined through the superhero genre, authenticity, and transformation – Ellen Kirkpatrick


The digital fandom of Na’vi speakers – Christine Schreyer

Doctor Who–themed weddings and the performance of fandom – Jessica Elizabeth Johnston

Audience reaction movie trailers and the Paranormal Activity franchise – Alexander Swanson

Simblr famous and SimSecret infamous: Performance, community norms, and shaming among fans of The Sims – Ruth A. Deller

The remediation of the fan convention: Understanding the emerging genre of cosplay music videos – Nicolle Lamerichs


Exploring nonhuman perspectives in live-action role-play – Rafael Bienia

Finding truth in playing pretend: A reflection on cosplay – Shelby Fawn Mongan

My football fandoms, performance, and place – Abby Waysdorf

Zombie walks and the public sphere – Brendan Riley

What is global theater? or, What does new media studies have to do with performance studies? – Abigail De Kosnik


Exploring fandom and the performance paradigm: An interview with Kurt Lancaster, author of Interacting with “Babylon 5” – Paul J. Booth, Lucy Bennett

Interview with Hello Earth Productions – Cameron Salisbury


Fandom unbound: Otaku culture in a connected world, edited by Mizuko Ito, Daisuke Okabe, and Izumi Tsuji – Nele Noppe

Work/text: Investigating “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,” by Cynthia W. Walker – Francesca Coppa

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