TL;DR Anyone have any advice for where to study for a budding Acafan?

I’m an English Lit. undergrad graduating next year. I really want to work on digital literature, primarily *Fanfiction*, but I’m having a lot of trouble finding programs where I can do this.

Asking Tumblr is a bit of a long shot, but I’m desperate and my professors think I should study Victorian novels. Send help!
I’ve tried searching under many titles – Media Studies, Digital Humanities, Comparative Literature, even one “Rhetoric and Composition.” However, I live in Turkey and have no funds, which cuts a lot of possible programs (All of the UK, gone). As a Lit major, I don’t fit the requirements of programs under the heading of “Social Sciences” (All of the Nordic countries, gone). The places I did apply to were a bit of a long shot.
Does anyone in the Acafan community have any tips or tricks for finding safe niches to do this type of research? I know I’ve found them in surprising places under surprising titles sometimes. I just need a program somewhat relevant, and a professor who is not necessarily in the field but can supervise. As a bit of a ditz, there’s probably some huge thing staring me at the face that I’m missing. I’m looking for Masters programs, because I don’t think I’m ready to jump into a doctorate yet. I could be wrong. I’m open to pretty much every country in the world, as long as it’s an english speaking program. Any news of anything will be pursued ruthlessly.

To give context: I’m an above average student in the best university in Turkey. I’m writing a thesis related to fan-fiction right now, volunteering a bit at the OTW, trying to fill up my CV with relevant projects. My class mates are going to places like University of Columbia, Harvard, Stanford. I’m not as good as them, and not an amazing candidate or anything, but I figure I should at least be able to locate funding opportunities at an average university. I have high chances of finding a job as an academic back in my own country.

This was long. Oops. Sorry!

A Question for Academics and Grad Students who are working in the field of Fan Studies (or know of people who work in it)
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