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Fan engagement – TWC Editor


Toward a goodwill ethics of online research methods – Brittany Kelley
Racebending fandoms and digital futurism – Elizabeth Gilliland
Toward a broader recognition of the queer in the BBC’S Sherlock – Amandelin A. Valentine
Homophobia, heteronormativity, and slash fan fiction – April S. Callis
Fannish masculinities in transition in anime music video fandom – Samantha Close
Historicizing video game series through fan art – Jan Švelch, Tereza Krobová


Mashing up, remixing, and contesting the popular memory of Hillary Clinton – Amber Davisson
Local newspaper movie contests and the creation of the first movie fans – Jessica – Leonora Whitehead
Hoarding and community in Star Wars Card Trader – Jeremy Groskopf
Cuteness, friendship, and identity in the brony community – Theo A. Peck-Suzuki
Valuing queer identity in Monster High doll fandom – Sara Mariel Austin
Performing as video game players in Let’s Plays – Josef Nguyen
Creative choices and fan practices in the transformation of theme park space – Carissa Ann Baker
Swan Queen, shipping, and boundary regulation in fandom – Victoria M. Gonzalez


Wikipedia and participatory culture: Why fans edit – Paul Thomas
The creative empowerment of body positivity in the cosplay community – Jordan Kass Lome
The selling of a story: Sherlock’s Victorian excursion – Claudia Rebaza


Millennial fandom: Television audiences in the transmedia age, by Louisa Ellen Stein – Helena Louise Dare-Edwards
Playing fans: Negotiating fandom in the digital age, by Paul Booth – Gregory Steirer
The cultural politics of colorblind TV casting, by Kristen Warner – Bambi Haggins
Playing Harry Potter: Essays and interviews on fandom and performance, edited by Lisa S. Brenner – Abigail De Kosnik

Transformative Works and Cultures Volume #22 is out
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