val-mora asked:

Do you (collectively) know anyone who is taking a network science approach, rather than a humanities/social science approach, to fan studies, that I can learn from? I’m an undergraduate in engineering and am looking for ways to make “hey the ao3 tag sets provide a really rich dataset! and fandom is worth studying! and there are legitimate things to learn!” into something I can say to an engineering professor dude that will convince him to let me use such data for some kind of final project for the degree. Any suggestions or names to read papers of would be appreciated!

That’s a great question, anyone have suggestions?

(btw your submission form with ‘ask us anything’ cuts off the instructions for the captcha, at least on my screen and in two different browsers, so it’s actually impossible for me to send you asks, um)

Thanks for pointing that out, we’ll look into it!

Looking for fan studies work from a network science POV
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