The late Marion Zimmer Bradley once said of her own most famous fictional world, “I didn’t invent Darkover, I discovered it.” Unlike most authors, who at best enjoy their admirers’ activities, and at worst try to end them, Bradley and her sizable community of fans collaborated in the publication of a large body of work fairly harmoniously for over two decades. However, this collaboration came to an abrupt end in 1992 with an event that can be referred to as the Contraband Incident. (…)  The case of Bradley and of Contraband has perhaps attained the status of a fable whose moral is “Be careful [authors who read fan fiction], because this could happen to you.”

Coker, Catherine. 2011. “The Contraband Incident: The Strange Case of Marion Zimmer Bradley.” Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 6. 

An article about one of the most (in)famous conflicts between a pro creator and a fan, “frequently cited by authors who object to fanfiction to one degree or another, or as evidence that professional authors should avoid reading fanfic based on their published works, to a degree that approaches “urban legend” status.” (from Fanlore’s long article on the incident, which has more background information and alternative takes)

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