TWC #23: Sherlock Holmes, Fandom, Sherlockiana, and the Great Game (special issue, edited by Roberta Pearson and Betsy Rosenblatt)


Roberta Pearson,Betsy Rosenblatt “In all my experience I cannot recall any more singular and interesting study”


Ann McClellan, Tit-Bits, New Journalism, and early Sherlock Holmes fandom

Sanna Nyqvist, Authorship and authenticity in Sherlock Holmes pastiches

Betsy Rosenblatt, The Great Game and the copyright villain

Kate M. Donley, Early Sherlockian scholarship: Non/fiction at play


Katharine Brombley, A case study of early British Sherlockian fandom

Timothy Jerome Johnson, Cheryll Lynne Fong, The expanding universe of Sherlockian fandom and archival collections

George Mills, The scholarly rebellion of the early Baker Street Irregulars

Line Nybro Petersen, “The florals”: Female fans over 50 in Sherlock fandom

Ashley D. Polasek, Traditional transformations and transmedial affirmations: Blurring the boundaries of Sherlockian fan practices


Patricia Guy, GTOs (girls together outrageously)

Julia Carlson Rosenblatt, From outside to inside

Andrew L. Solberg, Robert S. Katz, Fandom, publishing, and playing the Grand Game

Ross Davies, The fan-judges: Clues to a jurisculture of Sherlockian fandom

Evelyn Ann Herzog, Peter Blau A duet: With an occasional chorus

Lori Morimoto, Sherlock (Holmes) in Japanese (fan) works


Ellen Burton Harrington, Fan phenomena: Sherlock Holmes, edited by Tom Ue and Jonathan Cranfield

Anne-Charlotte Mecklenburg, Twentieth-century Victorian: Arthur Conan Doyle and the “Strand Magazine,” 1891–1930, by Jonathan Cranfield

Julia Knaus, The great detective, by Zach Dundas; Gender and the modern Sherlock Holmes, edited by Nadine Farghaly; and Sherlock Holmes, edited by Alex Werner

We’ll be posting quotes from these new articles over the next few weeks, as per tradition. Stay tuned!

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