The Internet has fueled a massive amount of creativity, from the silly to the profound. Information scientist and copyright advocate Casey Fiesler talks about her experiences as a remixer, including how her feminist remix of a Barbie book went viral and taught the world a lesson about women in tech. She argues for the importance of protecting rather than suppressing creative forms of critique, and lays out how copyright law when used as intended can help keep the Internet awesome. 

A very accessible talk about copyright and online creativity, including fanworks, by academic Casey Fiesler. She discusses how copyright law wasn’t written to deal with the internet, how this causes intense confusion about how copyright law applies to remix works, and how that confusion can stifle online speech by fans.

If you hear something you like, read about the details in Fiesler’s work on fandom, copyright, feminism, the AO3 and so on in the Fan Studies Bibliography. Most of the papers are open access (=no paywall).

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