Visible, too, in the defense of Sansa Stark are the attempts of young feminists to both validate and unpack the self: the experiences and traumas of female adolescence, the passionate consumptions and productions of media fandom, the revelations of feminist ideas in new and old forms. Feminist fans invite each other to treat the creative and critical discourse through which they interact, the “doing of fandom,” as praxis. Through these intensities of engagement with a beloved character and the insights these generate, they ultimately propose to transform the fan communities they inhabit. Consciousness-raising for the twenty-first century, indeed.

Naylor, Alex. (2016). “My Skin Has Turned to Porcelain, to Ivory, to Steel”: Feminist Fan Discourses, Game of Thrones, and the Problem of Sansa. In E. R. Helford, S. Carroll, S. Gray, & M. R. Howard (Eds.), The Woman Fantastic in Contemporary American Media Culture (pp. 39-60). Jackson, MI: University Press of Mississippi.
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