A weekly list of new/recent fan studies research that’s just been added to the Fan Studies Bibliography. Works are divided into things that are open access (=immediately readable for anyone) and not open access (=behind a paywall or not yet public).

This week was a bit slow, but we added some more works Brazilian Portuguese, and also our very first entry in Russian. There’s much more fan studies work in Russian than this, of course, but we haven’t gotten around to parsing more of it yet.

If we missed anything or made a mistake, submit a correction and we’ll fix it in next week’s edition. Happy reading!

Open access

Grijó, Wesley Pereira, and Taluana Panizza. 2017. “Fanfiction e ficção seriada televisiva: práticas da cultura participativa em Malhação – fanfiction and television serial fiction: participatory culture experiences in Malhação.” Revista GEMInIS 8 (1): 126–50. http://www.revistageminis.ufscar.br/index.php/geminis/article/view/284

Hutabarat-Nelson, Tiffany M. 2017. “Fantastical Body Narratives: Cosplay, Performance, and Gender Diversity.” PhD dissertation, Louisville: University of Louisville. http://ir.library.louisville.edu/etd/2669/

Sung, I. L. Hong, and Marshall Magnusen. 2017. “From Virtual Reality to Reality: Examining the Relationship between Sport Video Gaming and Sport Consumption Behaviors.” Journal of Physical Education and Sport Management 8 (4): 41–49. doi:10.5897/JPESM2016.0272

Кудасов, А. Е., and Т. Ю. Кузнецова. 2017. “К Вопросу О Понятии Отаку И Его Субкультурной Идентичности – To the issue of the otaku definition and its subcultural identity.” Аллея Науки, no. 6: 99–102. http://alley-science.ru/domains_data/files/Zurnal_February_2017/K%20VOPROSU%20O%20PONYaTII%20OTAKU%20I%20EGO%20SUBKULTURNOY%20IDENTIChNOSTI.pdf

Not open access

Bernardi, Daniel, and Julian Hoxter. 2017. Off the Page: Screenwriting in the Era of Media Convergence. University of California Press.

Click, Melissa, and Suzanne Scott, eds. 2017. The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom. 1 edition. Routledge.

Highfield, Tim. 2017. “Social TV and Depiction of Community on Social Media: Instagram and Eurovision Fandom.” In Digital Media: Transformations in Human Communication [2nd Ed.], 156–165. Peter Lang. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/108846/

Porto, Cristiane de Magalhaes, Renata Tavares Benia, and Daniella de Jesus Lima. 2016. “‘Unleash your imagination’: fandoms and contribution of fanfictions to the educational context based on the case of narrative of HIM/’Unleash your imagination’: os fandoms e a contribuicao das fanfictions para o contexto educacional baseada no caso da narrativa de HIM/ ‘Unleash your imagination’: los fandoms y la contribucion de las fanfictions para el contexto educacional basada en el caso de la narrativa de HIM.” Acta Scientiarum. Education 38 (4): 373–83. http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?p=AONE&sw=w&issn=21785198&v=2.1&it=r&id=GALE%7CA489216794&sid=googleScholar&linkaccess=abs

Samer, Roxanne, and William Whittington. 2017. Spectatorship: Shifting Theories of Gender, Sexuality, and Media. University of Texas Press

Walters, Gabby, Richard Shipway, Lee Miles, and Mariana Aldrigui. 2017. “Fandom and Risk Perceptions of Olympic Tourists.” Annals of Tourism Research. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0160738317301056

New fan studies research – July 25th, 2017