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Catherine Coker, The margins of print? Fan fiction as book history

E. J. Nielsen, Christine de Pizan’s The Book of the City of Ladies as reclamatory fan work
Lesley Autumn Willard, From co-optation to commission: A diachronic perspective on the development of fannish literacy through Teen Wolf’s Tumblr promotional campaigns

Shannon Howard, Surrendering authorial agency and practicing transindividualism in Tumblr’s role-play communities
Milena Popova, “When the RP gets in the way of the F”: Star Image and intertextuality in real person(a) fiction

Dan Vena, Rereading Superman as a trans f/man

Lauren B. Collister, Transformative (h)activism: Breast cancer awareness and the World of Warcraft Running of the Gnomes

Ludi Price and Lyn Robinson, Fan fiction in the library
Rachel Elizabeth Linn, Bodies in horrifying hurt/comfort fan fiction: Paying the toll
Victoria Godwin, Theme park as interface to the wizarding (story) world of Harry Potter
Sophie Gwendolyn Einwächter amd Felix M. Simon, How digital remix and fan culture helped the Lego comeback
Seth M. Walker, Subversive drinking: Remixing copyright with free beer


Kevin D. Ball, Fan labor, speculative fiction, and video game lore in the Bloodborne community

Babak Zarin, “Can I take your picture?“—Privacy in cosplay

Kelli Marshall, Milk and mythology in Singin’ in the Rain

Liza Potts, A case of Sherlockian identity: Irregulars, feminists, and millennials


Bethan Jones, Post-object fandom: Television, identity and self-narrative, by Rebecca Williams

Amanda D. Odom, Role playing materials, by Rafael Bienia

Kathryn Hemmann, Anime fan communities: Transcultural flows and frictions, by Sandra Annett

Sandra Annett, Boys love manga and beyond: History, culture, and community in Japan, edited by Mark McLelland et al.

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