Although Disney has yet to feature a queer female heroine in its fairy tale canon, that does not deter queer Disney femslash fans from poaching Disney texts in order to create fairy tales that legitimise their place in society. Through poaching, cutting, and splicing female characters from Disney’s animated canon, these Sapphic fans are re-joining Disney’s conservative silence with boundless creativity. In these new Disney fairy tales queer identities are no longer monstrous but commonplace, normal, and utterly human. So long as Walt Disney Studios remains silent on queer female representation in their animated films, the femslash fandom will continue to camp outside the Magic Kingdom’s gates.

Maier, Kodi (2017) Camping Outside the Magic Kingdom’s Gates: The Power of Femslash in the Disney Fandom. Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network 10(3), p. 27-43.
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