We did it. We made it through! 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 2017 is almost over. Let’s celebrate the stuff that made you happy. Here’s a toast to your favorite things on Tumblr. 

This is Tumblr’s Year in Review: 2017

We looked over thousands of lines of data, scouring each and every popular tag in each and every popular category. We sorted this data with our very own Fandometrics rating technique, the pleasingly scientific system that measures searches, original posts, reblogs, and likes to rank your enthusiasm and love. 

For the first year ever, we have a community guest post. Meme Documentation (@memedocumentation) got deep into the nostalgia surrounding 2017’s most popular memes.

Have questions about how this works? Wonder why Guy Fieri is not on any of these lists? Ask away! We’re going to answer your questions live on our Instagram on Wednesday, December 6 and again Wednesday, December 13.

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Tumblr’s favorite things in 2017:

Remember: If your OTP didn’t make this list, it’s okay. It just means you are directly responsible and should’ve made more posts about them.

Animated TV
The only list where a self-loathing horse and an extremely rich duck can be found in competition with each other.

Live-Action TV
In the golden age of television, every single one of these is a winner. Some are just winnier than others.

Moonlight beat La La Land in this list, too, but neither were No. 1.

You like them! You really like them!

Once again we find ourselves with a disproportionate amount of men named Chris. No one is complaining. Especially the men named Chris.

20 women who have perfected everything from their smizes to their struts.

Television Personalities
The alternative name was “people who get paid a lot for being themselves on TV,” but that wasn’t very catchy.

For a community based on competition, the sports community on Tumblr is incredibly supportive and kind.

Wrestling Superstars
Hit up this link or we’ll break out our meanest piledriver.

Web Series
We put all of your favorite stuff from the internet onto one list on the internet.

Web Celebrities
The definitive list of your favorite YouTubers, Twitchers, and podcasters.  

Solo Artists
We’re warning you now: Taylor Swift was knocked down a peg. There’s a new No. 1 in these here parts.

Five of these bands have numbers in their names, ranging from one to 1975.

Get your light sticks ready!

K-Pop Band Members
Did your ultimate bias make No. 1?

While we’re talking, let us offer you some free advice: Block less. Reblog more. Let your followers know what musical you’re against or what you’re for.

Video Games

You asked, we delivered. Feast your eyes on these words, you incredible bookworms.

Fun (?) fact: This is the only list in the batch that features a man who died over 400 years ago.

Anime & Manga
You’re gonna triple axel when you see what’s No. 1.

Tumblr Communities
They aren’t any more or less important than the communities that didn’t make the cut. They’re just the ones that tagged their posts the most.

Food & Drink
This list is zero carbs, and yet it’s full of carbs.

Old MacDonald had a blog, T-U-M-B-L-R.

Dog Breeds
Some puppers, a few pupperinos, a couple of fluffers, and, of course, a h*ckin’ boofer. boop this list, fren

Tired: Tagging your friend in a meme.
Wired: Tagging your friend in the replies to the Memes post.

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