Fanfiction: An Economic Review:

The nation of Fanfiction has a unique economic footprint. As areas of employment, agriculture and manufacture are nearly non-existent, suggesting that even processed goods are readily available in the natural environment. This resource generation seems linked to the placement of naturally occurring dwellings, as little construction exists, and transport jobs are minimal. With so much readily available, social progress is a low priority; computing, engineering and science are all far less active than the rates seen in America, and law and social work are similarly diminished.

The prosperity of the environment creates a surplus of leisure time, which many fill with additional education and training. Nearly a third of the population are employed in colleges as professors or full-time academics, while another quarter work as high-school teachers. Entertainment and the arts are prospering, and food retailers – predominantly small, locally owned artisanal coffeeshops – are commonplace. Non-food retail is largely focussed on luxuries such as flowers, books and pets. However, crime rates have risen in line with increased leisure; while criminal activities are not directly measured in this survey, law enforcement employs around 2.5 times as many people per head of the population as the police force in the United States.

Inspired by this post, I completed a survey of AO3 tags, measuring all non-fandom-specific AU tags that implied the existence of real, modern, legal jobs. Click the graphs to see larger versions.

Click here to view the source data used for this project.

Raise your hand if you’d like to live in the nation of Fanfiction. o/


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