Asexual slash fiction is still about sex. In some, the main characters have sex. In others, they don’t. In some, they have cake. The difference between the works where the characters are both [allo]sexual and those where one or both are identifying as being on the asexual spectrum, might be how the space in which the body is itself placed under scrutiny – thus leveling the power balance between the couples. (…) [W]hen sex is out of the picture, the core of slash fiction is all still about equality; about placing the conversation about body, relationship, power and love in a setting where heteronormative patriarchy cannot reach

Westberg Gabriel, L. (2018) Slashing the Invisible: Bodily Autonomy in Asexual Fan Fiction. In Spacey, A. (Ed.) (2018) The Darker Side of Slash Fan Fiction: Essays on Power, Consent and the Body. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.
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