Soon after the announcement [that Young Justice and Green Lantern: the Animated Series would be canceled], Cartoon Network and DC Comics released a joint statement that thanked fans for expressing their love for DC Nation and stated that new episodes would be released and that the DC Nation program would still exist, which only further angered fans, who pointed out that this message did not actually address the cancellation (Harvey 2014). In fact, angry comments, posts, and memes abounded in the fandoms. For months, every new post on the Cartoon Network Facebook page, even ones unrelated to YJ or GLTAS, was flooded with comments that pleaded with Cartoon Network to renew the shows.

Feelings of ownership over the text, intense, almost-familial fondness for the fictional characters, and anger toward Cartoon Network were fiercely sustained in the Tumblr arena carved out by YJ and GLTAS fans. All these emotions primed the fandoms to refuse to accept the cancellation decision and fueled investment in the revival campaign. As a result, fans heavily used social media to spread awareness and updates about the campaign and Cartoon Network’s responses (or lack thereof).

Chew, Natalie. 2018. “Tumblr as Counterpublic Space for Fan Mobilization.” In “Tumblr and Fandom,” edited by Lori Morimoto and Louisa Ellen Stein, special issue, Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 27.
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