Morimoto: I’m going to move on and ask each of you, how do you see Tumblr changing fandom?

Brennan: I think Tumblr has made fandom way more accessible, and it feels less niche. It’s not like other social networking, where someone might feel like they have to hide their passions from their family and friends. On Tumblr, no matter what you love, this is the place to connect with people who love it as fiercely as you do. And while other sites may have done that, like LiveJournal or, the attention to multimedia posts and reblogging makes fandom feel more rounded and immersive, so you can really dive in and be part of something bigger.

Morimoto, Lori. 2018. “Roundtable: Tumblr and Fandom.” In “Tumblr and Fandom,“edited by Lori Morimoto and Louisa Ellen Stein, special issue, Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 27. 
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