TWC Editor, TWC, past and future

Paul Booth, Framing alterity: Reclaiming fandom’s marginality
David Peyron, Fandom
names and collective identities in contemporary popular culture

Bonnie Ruberg, Straight-washing “Undertale”: Video games and the limits of LGBTQ representation
Eric Andrew James, Using rhetorical criticism to track Twitch Plays Pokémon fans’ attachment to sacrifice
Sarah Elizabeth Lerner, Fan film on the final frontier: Axanar Productions and the limits of fair use in the digital age


Naomi Jacobs, Live streaming as participation: A case study of conflict in the digital and physical spaces of “Supernatural” conventionsSky LaRell Anderson, Extraludic narratives: Online communities and video games
Melissa A. Hofmann, Johnlock meta and authorial intent in Sherlock fandom: Affirmational or transformational?
Dorothy Lau, Donnie Yen’s star persona in amateur-produced videos on YouTube

Casey Fiesler, Owning the servers: A design fiction exploring the transformation of fandom into “our own”
Nicolle Lamerichs, The next wave in participatory culture: Mixing human and nonhuman entities in creative practices and fandom
Bridget Kies, The ex-fan’s place in fan studies
Brianna Dym, Casey Fiesler, Generations, migrations, and the future of fandom’s private spaces
Shannon K. Farley, Generations, migrations, and the future of fandom’s private spaces
Robin S. Rosenberg, Andrea M. Letamendi, Personality, behavioral, and social heterogeneity within the cosplay community
Bri Mattia, Rainbow Direction and fan-based citizenship performance
Megan Vaughan, Theater criticism, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” and online community
Deborah Krieger, Jewish identity, fan representation, and Yehuda Goldstein in the Potterverse
Cody T. Havard, The impact of the phenomenon of sport rivalry on fans

Melanie E.S. Kohnen, “Old futures: Speculative fiction and queer possibility,” by Alexis Lothian
Lorraine M. Dubuisson, “The fanfiction reader: Folk tales for the digital age,” by Francesca Coppa
J. Caroline Toy, “Participatory memory: Fandom experiences across time and space,” by Liza Potts et al.
Louisa Ellen Stein, Roundtable with Paul Booth, Melissa A. Click, and Suzanne Scott

TWC No.28: The Future of Fandom