As the Tumblrpocalypse unfolds, we have asked fan studies scholars and Tumblr researchers for their reactions to Tumblr banning adult content and the consequences this is likely to have. Some are scholarly and analytical, some are deeply personal. We’ll be posting them here over the next few days as they come in.

To start us off, a very personal reflection by @ludi-ling:

“I abandoned DeviantART for Tumblr. It allowed me to talk to my fellow Romy fans in a way I’d never before been able to on other platforms, and now we have built a small but meaningful community, of people I now consider not just fellow fans, but friends. I learned to embrace my sexuality through Tumblr. It is a place of much joy to me, not simply as a place to research, but a place to be creative, to discuss fandom, to build fandoms, and to make connections with people… in short – everything I have come to love and everything I will be sad to lose.”

Tumblrpocalypse Special, Part 1
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