Today’s scholarly reaction to the Tumblrpocalypse comes from Fanhackers’ very own elmyra, originally posted in a short Twitter thread. Just a (non-exhaustive) list of things that Tumblr gave birth to, or nurtured, that we’re going to lose.

“Further thoughts on the Tumblrpocalypse: We’re going to lose queer and sex worker and fannish communities en masse. We’re also going to lose entire art forms like mood boards and porn gifs and the kind of communal, conversational storytelling that happens in tags.

Oh yeah you know what else was largely born on Tumblr? Asexual activism. As was a whole chunk of non-binary activism and black feminist thought. The concept of misogynoir (credit to @thetrudz).

Honestly, I am angry and terrified of the monumental losses we’re going to suffer as a result of this.”

Tumblrpocalypse Special, Part 10
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