Vol 29 (2019): Fans of Color, Fandoms of Color, Edited by Abigail DeKosnik & andré carrington

Abigail DeKosnik & andré carrington, Fans of Color, Fandoms of Color    

Abigail De Kosnik, Relationshipping Nation: Philippines/US fan art and fan fiction
Ellen Kirkpatrick, On [dis]play: Outlier resistance and the matter of racebending superhero cosplay
Megan Justine Fowler, Rewriting the school story through racebending in the Harry Potter and Raven Cycle fandoms
Sarah Florini, Enclaving and cultural resonance in Black “Game of Thrones” fandom      

James Rendell, Black (anti)fandom’s intersectional politicization of “The Walking Dead” as a transmedia franchise
Nicholas-Brie Guarriello, Affective racial politics in “How to Get Away with Murder” fan fiction
Shan Mu Zhao, How the Green Hornet became Chinese: Cross-racial mimicry and superhero localization in Hong Kong    

Poe Johnson, Transformative racism: The black body in fan works
Yessica Garcia Hernandez, Latina fans agitate respectability: Rethinking antifans and antifandom
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas & Amy Stornaiuolo, Race, storying, and restorying: What can we learn from black fans?
Sarah Christina Villanueva Ganzon, Fandom, the Filipino diaspora, and media convergence in the Philippine context
Tracy Deonn Walker,Narrative extraction, #BlackPantherSoLit, and signifyin’: “Black Panther” fandom and transformative social practices
Sascha Buchanan, Competition and controlling images as the fuel igniting Beyoncé and Rihanna fandom fights
Miyoko Conley, Transnational audiences and Asian American performance in the musical “KPOP”
JSA Lowe, Approaching whiteness in slash via Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Sam Wilson

Mel Stanfill, Fans of Color in Femslash

Regina Yung Lee, “Squee from the margins: Race and fandom” by Rukmini Pande
Alexis Lothian, “Bodyminds reimagined: (Dis)ability, race, and gender in Black women’s speculative fiction,” by Sami Schalk
Erika Junhui Yi, “Boys’ love, cosplay, and androgynous idols,” edited by Maud Lavin, Ling Yang, and Jing Jamie Zhao
Jungmin Kwon, “Seeing fans: Representations of fandom in media and popular culture,” edited by Lucy Bennett and Paul Booth
Susana Morris, “Speculative blackness: The future of race in science fiction,” by andré m. carrington

TWC No.29: Fans of Color, Fandoms of Color
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