There is a paper about the very illiberal state I’m from, in the new Transformative Works and Culture issue. Instead of commenting on it, I offer a less than clever alliteration with the name of the governing party (Alliance of Young Democrats).

Might there be some additional reserves left that democratic politics in Hungary could mobilize by drawing on the potential inherent in mass culture? Put differently, could certain mass culture contents lead to a revitalization of democratic political activism, could they inspire and motivate large numbers of individuals to exert themselves in the interest of the public good—even in Hungary, where the structural and institutional dominance of the authoritarian government is unprecedented within the EU?

Dessewffy, Tibor, and Mikes Mezei. 2020. “Fans and Politics in an Illiberal State.” In “Fandom and Politics,” edited by Ashley Hinck and Amber Davisson, special issue, Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 32.
Fandom and Fidesz
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