In honour of the recent launch of our Instagram page, I’m sharing a piece from a Hungarian paper that compares YA-novels and fanfiction posted on Instagram and Wattpad. 

Recently, the trend of writing serial stories and fictional diaries has been spreading among young, Hungarian, Instagram-users. (…) The episodes of these serial stories are posted by the authors under their shared pictures, which are often stockphotos.

Glózer, Rita & Torbó, Annamária & Geisz, Barbara. 2019. „Young adult” – Fannish Content and Amateur Literature on Social Media. Literatura 45 (1). p65.

The paper explores questions of cultural capital and “legitimacy” through the intersection of genre (YA, fanfiction) and platform (Wattpad, Instagram, physical book). It concludes that Instagram holds less cultural capital than published novels due to its’ connection to the YA-novel genre, as well as the presence of fanfiction on its’ platform.

What do you think? Do you read Instagram novels? Were you able to observe these connections too in genre, in style or in an entirely different manner?

Instagram novels
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