When writing about RPF, there is one crucial question that makes it different from other parts of fandom (generally accepted as media fandoms).

How does it work without a clearly-defined central
canon text to play with?

MARTIN, Anna (2014). Writing the star. Stardom, fandom and real person fanfiction,

Now for those who expected the difference to be between fiction and reality, I invite you to message me and continue an everending discussion on whether that difference exist as something we can interact with. But when it comes to the way fans approach the source material, reality doesn’t figure into it. Whether there is a living, breathing body connected to our favourite ships, is also of no concern as even Henry Jenkins already talked about how fans read these bodies on the screen. What does is whether there is a central, agreed upon canon text or the fandom lacks it.

So the question is: how, indeed? What is your experience, how do transformative works operate without canon texts?

Why is RPF different?
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