Hi everyone!

This post is little bit of a departure from our regular programming, but we figured why not? One of the very few perks of the COVID-19 pandemic has been how accessible conferences are. From May 11-14, the University of Edinburgh is hosting a virtual conference called “Queer Representations: Pasts, Presents and Futures”! Keynotes speakers are Professors Richard Dyer and Abigail De Kosnik (squee!) and there’s a panel on Thursday, May 14th at 16:00 BST about queer adaptation and fanfiction. Tickets were available for free, and though the window for sales has closed, you can following along on the conference Twitter. So far, the live-tweeting has been great, all the panels have been incredibly interesting and it looks like there’s only more good stuff to come!

Check out the program here.
Follow the conference on Twitter here.

Queer Representations: Pasts, Presents and Futures Conference