Hello there! 

I, (she/her/hers), am Shyamala—feel free to rhyme that with Pamela—and I’ve been posting with Fanhackers for a few months now. I’ve an M.A. in English Lit and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and I’ve been writing fanfic since I was a kid. As an Indian, I often lurk in the liminal spaces of crossovers, and my fandom consumption tends towards podfic and race, two mainstays of my academic interests in fan studies. 

As a creative, my original work focuses on young adult and new adult writing, mixed in with queer desi joy. I started out as a fanfic writer who then ventured into original writing; as such, I am very interested in both writing pedagogies of fic writers as well as the interplay between original and fannish work, particularly when it comes to creative practices of writers. 

As a magpie nerd who likes learning shiny new things, I’m happy to chat! You can find me lurking on twitter. Live long and prosper!

Meet the Volunteer: Shyamala
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