Hi! *waves* I’m Else/Xun (they/it), a new Fanhackers mod writing from London. I use the names, Else and 旬, interchangeably and at times together. I speak Mandarin, English and a hybrid of both, as well as a little bit of Hokkien, which I have been trying to learn. 

I became aware of fandom when I was 11 and heartbroken over Madoka Magica. From there I had engaged in fan practice in several ways by drawing, doujinshi-making as gifts for friends, cosplaying, and attempting to write fanfic (never successful), but most of the time I found joy in looking at works created by other fans. At the moment my fannish attention is on Genshin Impact, Good Omens, 将进酒, and Mob Psycho 100.

I’m an artist and researcher studying for a Masters in Arts and Humanities. My current research interest is in the derivative practice in knowledge production that fan practice is a part of, and in interrogating the pursuit of autonomous authorship and the over-familiarisation of support. The research is guided by an art practice that is, to some extent, fannish, that involves working with what is already there: gathering, sharing, recycling, translating, making visible, in the forms of moving image, lists, and writings, to name a few. 

With Fanhackers, I hope to share my learning process with you, which will involve the knowledge produced by many others, and the relations and connections between them. If there is anything that you want to read, please let me know.

Looking forward to reading, thinking and learning with you :)︎

Meet the Volunteer: Else/Xun
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