Lianne is a new volunteer interested in queer studies and game studies.

Hey! My name is Lianne, and I’m a new volunteer with Fanhackers. I started writing fanfiction as a kid before I even knew what it was, and my first foray into fandom was through watching anime and writing fanfiction with my middle school friends. Over the years, I’ve had much love for the Percy Jackson and the Fire Emblem fandoms, as well as other video game communities like those of Celeste and Hades. I love fandom for providing me a safe place to be creative, explore my identities, and meet some of the most amazing friends!

As an undergraduate, I studied American studies and English literature with a special interest in archives and queer studies. I’m most interested in learning about fandom as an imaginative queer space and about anticapitalist modes of fandom production (like zines!). I’m not an academic, but some of the ideas I grappled with in an academic context have helped shape my understanding of myself, the histories to which I’m connected, and how I want to participate in my local and global communities—fandom is one of those! I’m hoping Fanhackers will be a way for me to continue that line of exploration alongside like-minded others. You’ll likely see posts from me on topics in the general intersections of queer, fan, and game studies. My first few posts will highlight the most recent issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, “Trans Fandoms.” Looking forward to being in community with you all!

Meet the Volunteer: Lianne
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