There are already 76 posts here published under the name Szabó Dorottya here and it is a joy and honour for me to reintroduce myself as the leader of this ragtag group of scholars you met or met again these past weeks. 

Fanhackers for me is not a mission about creating scholarship but to organise scholarship or meta, discourse about fandom in general that already exists. I see my role in this team similarly: supporting the work my team does. So as the saying goes, if you like what we do, you should compliment them, if you dislike it, criticise me. 

I have studied literary theory at the University of Pécs and at the Eötvös Loránd University. In my studies, some of you might have followed along as my fascination towards theories of RPF grew. In the future, you can also expect posts about the literature of the subordinate and how censorship shapes literature. 

My interest is in literature and all things textual because of my background both academic and fannish. I read and write and beta and comment and organise writing events.

Mainly, looking forward to reading what my team writes for you and some surprises, too!

Meet the Volunteer: Szabó Dorottya
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