While the omegaverse opens up possibilities of playing with gender and sexuality in new and interesting ways, the stories overwhelmingly focus on pairings between two white men, effectively foreclosing their progressive potential and recentering whiteness. Further, omegaverse stories often exist as a subset of another popular fan fiction genre: slavery alternate universes. Populating stories that explicitly draw on the horrors of transatlantic slavery with white bodies effectively decenters the lived experiences of Black people, trivializes historical and intergenerational trauma, and foregrounds white feelings and experiences within a specifically racialized narrative.

Fazekas, Angie. “Alpha/Beta/Omega: Racialized Narratives and Fandom’s Investment in Whiteness.” In Fandom, Now in Color, 95. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2020. 
Omegaverse and Racialization
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