Previously, we have talked about how the actor-character resonance would contribute to RPF being created. Further examining this fertility of the spaces for these creations, there might be two transgressions taking place.

In this sense, the narrative concept encourages both the practice of alternate universe fanfiction and the practice of “reaching back” toward interiority that I discussed in the previous chapter, driving forward the dynamic neogitation that I have argued constitutes the K-pop model of celebrity.

Hong, Sooyun (2020). The Real K-Pop idols of Fanfiction. Reclaiming “Real Person” fanfiction as K-pop industry practice.

Hong here talks about narrative concept for music videos where the characters appear to have superpowers. So not only lifting them out of the idol space gives them an interiority they weren’t capable of before but lifting them out of the scifi or fantasy narrative and placing them in so called mundane AUs allows the author to also focus on their personal journey, instead of an external one.

Does that make sense?

Real Life is the Fantasy of Interiority
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