this may be the World’s Dumbest Question but if I may…how does one /actually read/ articles in the journal for transformative works? I don’t see links on many of them, and the ones that do have links lead to a “DOI error.” Is it just a case of needing to be subscribed (or whatever) to the host archives a la jstor? I’ve been out of academia for a long time and am totally lost!

No such thing as a dumb question! Transformative Works and Cultures is a fully open access journal and you can read all of the articles in it for free online. If you’d like to read the most recent issue, go

It is a common assumption that illicit distribution of video footage from live events negatively affects those who have paid for a ticket by reducing the value of their experience, particularly visible when commercial organizations restrict this practice. However, the

Old fandom—in the context of this article, fandom from before the rise of microblogging platforms like Tumblr and Twitter—was a very different place by virtue of being hosted on journaling platforms like LiveJournal or individual domains like GeoCities. The structure