The Fan Studies Bibliography helps you find existing research on fans. It collects information about published research and, where possible, links to or copies of said research. Right now, there are about three thousand entries in the bibliography.

You can search the bibliography in two ways.

Search method 1: simple, fewer options

Use this search bar to search for any words that occur in titles, author names, names of journals, and the like.


Search method 2: more complex search and display options

Go to the bibliography’s home on Zotero, the bibliography management software that’s the backbone of the database. The Zotero interface looks like the image below (click to enlarge). Here you can also search in abstracts and other item information (top right), browse different collections (left), combine tags to search (bottom left), and much more.

Drop us a line if you can’t find the research you need or know of research that isn’t in the bibliography yet.

New editors welcome!

If you feel comfortable using Zotero, don’t hesitate to make a Zotero account and join the Fan Studies Bibliography group. That way you can add items, improve item metadata, and sort the collections to your heart’s content. We’ll be publishing more posts on how to interact with the bibliography on our blog.