Morimoto: The Yuri!!! on Ice thing … Brennan: Yeah, it’s wild. People love anime with sports. Haikyu!, the volleyball anime, is also huge, and Free, when that happened, also was such a cultural phenomenon. When the first trailer came out

Fan groups that translate anime and manga have had a strong influence on the evolution of commercial translation strategies for the medium, and anime clubs and conventions often develop symbiotic ties with industry retailers. As inferred by the terms “group”

Currently, the structure of fansubbing distribution is highly decentralized and  difficult  to  coordinate.  In  peer-to-peer  file  sharing,  there  are  no  central organizations  but  rather  multiple  –  very  transient  –  global  networks  among individual file sharers. With such a structure, it

These questions give us the opportunity to rethink how we understand the emergence and spread of distinctive cultural forms as something other than a game of “follow the money.” Instead, we need to follow the activity, the energy, the commitment

Corporate sales, creator identity, and audience heterogeneity lead yuri to an awkward place in terms of genre identity. Is yuri the schoolgirl romance created by men for a male audience who consider love between girls pure, or is it the

The sexualised content of some Japanese media, particularly in regard to representations of characters who may ‘appear to be’ minors, has become the site of increased concern in some countries, notably Canada and Australia where fictional depictions of child characters