There is a general sense, from the language of industry-side people in big presentations or casual conversations, that the attendees [of San Diego Comic-Con] are “true believers,” supernerds who love — or will love — every scrap of geeky pop culture that comes their

GIFs in general comprise single looped images, but fans often create more complex GIF sets, which are “sets of images, sometimes animated, sometimes not, arranged in a grid of sorts to communicate as a whole” that have “evolved primarily on

Yet it is precisely users’ inability to establish effective boundaries on Tumblr that has led to the ongoing and still hotly contested diversification of fandom participation and expression. Tumblr-enabled fandom cross-fertilization—what Matt Hills (2015) calls transfandom—has contributed to the growth

The next stage of social TV is here. Drawing on promotional discourses, I argue that Facebook and Twitter’s shift from distributors of television network programming to their own original content is a natural extension of industry practice, but not a

As television outlets have proliferated through cable and streaming services, programming, both for adults and teens, has increasingly explored controversial and sensitive issues. Simultaneously, online fandom and social media engagement surrounding television has also proliferated, thus raising questions as to

This all raises the question: are there right and wrong ways to watch a television series? I am reminded of Immanuel Kant’s belief, outlined in his Critique of Judgment (1790), that when we consume art, we do so under the

This hugeness of the companies—the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing—is the thing that fans still and most radically misunderstand. This is even more the case with movies than with television shows. Movies, as projects, are

Over the course of three seasons, Sleepy Hollow’s dedicated fan base used social media to launch an intersectional critique and urge change in the industry. Their efforts involved writing fan fiction, calling out stereotypical representations, and boycotting the show. While