The first space [bad bromance] offers is in the transgressive sexual performance of the writing itself. If the act of writing utopian, egalitarian slash resists heteronormativity (either because of its queer content or because women are writing sexually explicit fantasies

I cannot speak of dub-con’s audiences like some collective entity which approaches and accesses the genre in the same way for the same reasons. However, I argue that dub-con represents as much of a move as the wider genre of

Fifty Shades retains the heteronormativity of mainstream popular romance. Its obsession with consumption, money, legal contracts, brands, physical self-improvement, and self-investment are so pervasive that it transcends the traditional capitalist novel form and becomes a truly neoliberal work. Ana’s social

However, not everything is easily conducive to the positivist critique of homonationalism and ablenationalism. Normative aspects of neoliberal dictates are also often replicated within the domain of fan fiction. Fan narratives often result in the reproduction of the normative family

Asexual slash fiction is still about sex. In some, the main characters have sex. In others, they don’t. In some, they have cake. The difference between the works where the characters are both [allo]sexual and those where one or both

destinationtoast: cfiesler: brevityandclarity: transformativeworks: centrumlumina: Fanfiction: An Economic Review: The nation of Fanfiction has a unique economic footprint. As areas of employment, agriculture and manufacture are nearly non-existent, suggesting that even processed goods are readily available in the natural environment.