OAPEN Library – Productive Fandom This cosplay-centric book on fandom by Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs is free to download and read. Blurb: This book offers a media ethnography of the digital culture, conventions, and urban spaces associated with fandoms, arguing that

Participatory fans on Tumblr adopt specialized fandom tags, which are unlikely to be used by Tumblr members who do not identify with a particular fandom or subsection of fandom. Such tags are not merely composed of the name the fandom

Shops like the Who Shop and Alien Entertainment use their authority as merchants to help shape the fandom, and to reinforce the feelings of alterity within fan subcultural communities through discourses of historicity and activity. Importantly, both discourses are reflective

Morimoto: The Yuri!!! on Ice thing … Brennan: Yeah, it’s wild. People love anime with sports. Haikyu!, the volleyball anime, is also huge, and Free, when that happened, also was such a cultural phenomenon. When the first trailer came out

However, just because new blood has arrived in the fandom doesn’t mean the old behavior patterns have vanished. In this, the structure of a microblogging platform plays a role. Tumblr and Twitter aggregate all content made by all users with

The tension between the private act of journaling and the public sharing of journal entries via a social network architecture makes LiveJournal a site of performance (Kendall 2007; Lindemann 2005). Busse (2006) observes that women sharing fan fiction with one

Morimoto: I’m going to move on and ask each of you, how do you see Tumblr changing fandom? Brennan: I think Tumblr has made fandom way more accessible, and it feels less niche. It’s not like other social networking, where

The two things I think Tumblr really changed are, I think before Tumblr the primary language of fandom was text-based, and it was very much fic and filk—very text-oriented. I think Tumblr changed it so that the culture of memes

Soon after the announcement [that Young Justice and Green Lantern: the Animated Series would be canceled], Cartoon Network and DC Comics released a joint statement that thanked fans for expressing their love for DC Nation and stated that new episodes