Although Disney has yet to feature a queer female heroine in its fairy tale canon, that does not deter queer Disney femslash fans from poaching Disney texts in order to create fairy tales that legitimise their place in society. Through

Shipping idols together is a common pastime in Asian idol fandom. The first episode of SNL Korea featured a skit recreating the events of a famous boy band fan fiction story. There’s international academic scholarship on idol femslash (Yang and

SwanQueen creates a space where female concerns, even queer distress, are not merely brushed aside but discussed and dealt with—discussions that I and other fans find pleasurable in many ways. Strauch, Sandra. 2017. “Once Upon a Time in Queer Fandom.”

(… ) racial and ethnic identity must be considered as important to our conceptualizations about fandom spaces as we have always considered gender and sexuality. To do otherwise will be to repeat the mistakes of fields such as feminist and