The Internet has fueled a massive amount of creativity, from the silly to the profound. Information scientist and copyright advocate Casey Fiesler talks about her experiences as a remixer, including how her feminist remix of a Barbie book went viral

stitchmediamix: This is a narrated PowerPoint of the presentation I gave at the last Fan Studies panel at PCAACA 2017 April 15, 2017 since many people missed out on a chance to attend! (I’ll update this with links to relatively

Nice basic overview of some big fanfic-and-copyright discussions that have taken place over the years, from 50 Shades to Marion Zimmer Bradley to Kindle Worlds. For more in-depth analysis of legal issues surrounding fanworks, check out some of the many,

searchampersanddestroy: Kelly McElroy, Dave Roche, Jami Thompson, and Jaclyn Miller educates us on zines. Learn about what a zine is and all the different kinds of zines (every possible topic in the world)! (Source:

The first 12 minutes of Backyard Blockbusters, a documentary on fan films. Contains some interesting discussion on what people think makes a fan film “fannish”, exactly. (by ZTeamProductions) (Source: